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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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big cities, beneath the roar of photographic, beneath the rapid past of chaimg. so many cities have to right to be a part of the city.
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>> pope francis is due in philadelphia on the final part of his u.s. tower. also on friday he made an historic speech to u.s. general assembly, our ro diplomatic deertd james bays reports. >> pope the large domed hall, the place of worship, the secular cathedral of diplomas. >> thank you very much. it bass a wide ranging speech touching broad issues like inqueald, poferred, the environment and education, and the courage of war. is. >> not only cases of religious or cultural persecution but every situation of conflict as in crane, syria, iraq, aren
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south sudan, in wars and conflicts there are individual persons. our brothers and sisters. >> earlier the pope had made his way through streets of eastern manhattan, close to traffic in a massive security operation, again he was driven in a small fiat car. for this latest part of his trip he technically left u.s. soil was welcomed onto international territory. he was transported around the sprawling complex, in the u.n.'s version of a popemobile, a golf buggy, he blessed u.n. staff and then addressed them in english. >> this organization's ideal of a eunlt humanamily, liver in harmony not only for peace but
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in peace, walking not only for justice but in the spirit of justice. >> the pope's speech touched on all the themes for the day's task for the general assembly. building on the millenium goal, but the statement goals for the next 15 years. the phrase repeatedly uttered here, leave no one behind. for first time, the flag of the holy see was raised outside u.n. headquarters. a recent ruling by the general assembly allow member states do this. palestine will raise its flag for first time in a ceremony next week. technically the vatican status hasn't changed. it was an observer.
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laying out the key issues and themes of the new global goals. it was clear by the time he left that the world was listening. james bays, al jazeera at the united nations. >> world leaders at the u.n. have developed the new sustai sustainable goals. f-amila miller reports. >> villages in mobani, have been without water for weeks. >> we struggle every morning. i just wipe my children clean. in the evening i wash them and reuse their water to wash myself. >> the struggle is not a
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concern. >> i wonder if my kids can understand the situation. >> residents reserve their place in line. hoping the municipality will deliver water today. >> this had was the capital city habaroni's main source of water but it failed. with no water being pumped from the dam for the last five months, imported from neighboring south africa. in an already water-scarce region, each day the city is short more than 30 million liters of water. residents in botswana, making the transfer of water across the country difficult. >> water is life. sure, as minister i have to be extremely worried. worried at the infrastructure that we have currently holds up
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and worried that the projects we are doing kick in on time. >> meanwhile, businesses are cashing in. at the city's largest public hospital, cuts in water supply are increasing. the dialysis unit needs thousands of units of water every day. >> we have patients that need the services. we can't just send them home. the best we can do is, you know, delay the treatment. >> the hospital has cut back on routine procedures. now it's emergency operations only. frustration is also building for villages. but the government saying, it will take another two years before the country has a sustainable water supply. >> cracking down on criminal associates in japan. now you can be publicly named and shamed. plus, we'll have detail of
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fast-disappearing fabric from jerusalem.
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>> what do you want american's to understand? >> there's so much injustice. >> workers are being injured constantly. >> welcome back p time to recam threcap.el nusra is cached to q. capped to al qaeda.
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>> already led to the reorganization of the company in the u.s. pope francis has ended the leg of his u.s. tower with a mass to 20,000 people in madison square gardner. he will be in philadelphia until monday. officer from the attorney general's office questioned him about about alleged illegal payments. it's almost four months since he announced he would step down at the football governing body. lee wellings has more. >> the question had been when the investigation would reach the president. the answer came on the day sepp blatter chaired a executive committee meeting. media outside were waiting for the press conference that never happened. blatter accuse of
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misappropriation of funds and criminal mismanagement. again the name of disgraced vice president jack warren involved. it said in 2005, mr. blatter signed a contract, jack warren the president at this time unfavorable to fifa. bleart one he signed in 2011 for work done a decade earlier. that payment to michel platini. the election scheduled for february 26th. but platini was also questioned at fifa hq. a form of denial on behalf of blatter came from his lawyers. they say he is cooperating and we're confident when swiss authorities have a chance to review documentation and the
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evidence they will see no mismanagement occurred. more transparency from their ethics committee. >> i think he will have to be suspended at the very least. the ethics committee, the body that handles the incident, he will have to step down as president, he will have to be suspended, but i think this really is the end for blatter. >> outside of fifa, long before the fbi's dramatic northwestern ifbi's dramatic incident inmay,y sensitive work continues and leaves fifa in complete turmoil with a farce cli discredited president, guardians of football torn apart by crime. lee wellings, al jazeera. >> one of the most powerful men in u.s. government has resigned.
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speaker of the house john boehner's resignation, under pressure to step down for months by members of his own republican party. kimberly halkett reports. >> one day after a private meeting with pope francis and presiding over his historic speech, the most powerful catholic in the u.s. congress decided it was time to go. >> this morning i woke up, said my prayers, as i always do and i decided today's the day i'm going to do this. >> since 2011 he served, second in line to the u.s. presidency. under mounting pressure from within his own party to step down as speaker. >> this prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution. >> it's a move many hope will
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avoid a looming government shutdown. far right republicans have insisted legislation should include defunding planned parenthood, health clirchtion ct also provide abortion. avenues of boehner's departure was met with jubilation. >> speaker boehner announced that he will be resigning. >> reporter: it's not known who will replace bjorn. to work with democrats to overcome the gridlock that has frustrated the president's legislative agenda. >> we can have significant differences on issues, but that doesn't mean you shut down the government, that doesn't mean you risk the full faith and credit of the united states. >> reporter: it will be one of
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the new speaker's first tasks whether or not to make this decision. >> the stuff we need to pass to keep the government open and to have a way to pass a new debt extension. >> it's a wonderful day. >> reporter: but given the deep ideologic differences between conservatives, despite the debt limit, boehner's move is one that many far right republicans are expected to resist. kimberly halkett, al jazeera, washington. >> meeting between president obama anding president xi jinping of china.
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islands in the south china sea. >> one disputed island in the south china sea, the images appear to show the landing strip on fiery cross reef on the disputed splealt islands. spratley islands. statements are being interpreted as a rebuke to mainly china's top official in hong kong. recently suggested above the law. but hong kong chief justice jeffrey marr said court decisions were not always to everyone's liking even the government. in japan, ordinary citizens
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can be publicly named and chaimed under a new law. the idea is to stop the gangs from making money. but as rob mcbride reports, making a new threat. >> in the shadowy light of yakuza, it's threatening to be biggest in years. the yamaguci gumi, released from prison several years ago. unhappy the way he is running the organization, it is report ed that a rival faction has now broken away. writer has studied the gang for more than 40 years. the fear is it could have an impact on other groups given the nature of the underworld right now.
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>> translator: the yakuza's failure has been diminishing. there is a danger it could lead to a turf war between the gangs. >> part of the problem is the link between organized crime and the wider economy. heavily dependent on the jps japanese economy, in these lean years, times are tough. designed to make things even tougher. any companies now found to be doing business with organized crime gangs face being prosecuted and publicly named. it is part of a company wide attempt to crack down on the gangs but mitsuguchi have seen other gangs come and go. >> translator: the fact they
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still exist as the biggest organized crime syndicate shows how sloppy they also are. >> they have a knack for survival. rob mcbride, al jazeera,. >> al jazeera america journalist peter greste, could be closer to getting a complete partnered, greste's colleagues, boa baher mohamed and mohamed fahmy were pardoned last week. >> i have met with prime minister sisi and spoken with peter greste, and passed on the news that egypt is considering a
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formal pardon. >> it's very encouraging to me. we have been fighting to have our names cleared for the past two years almost now. and it is great to know, or to get that kind of reassurance. >> now the story of traditionally fabrics used to clothe people for decades. disappearing from the shelves of one popular merchant. stefanie dekker explains why. >> in the area of old jerusalem city, selling fabric for generations. >> and also, the christians which is the people's shops and sometimes we do a gift for pope. >> he shows us fabric provided
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for the prevention pope, benedict xvi. >> you find a friend, they make friends in my store. >> reporter: we see that when we meet ronnie. >> i've been here for more than 18 years. all of us are coming here, jews muslims christians, this is jerusalem for me. and he is the prettiest face of the whole city for me. every time i come i'm here. >> but these shelves also hold another conflict. >> the damascus fabric it's very short. i can't go there because of the situation. >> this is a robe that's traditionally worn at wedding celebrations, this particular piece comes from the syrian capital, damascus. it is the last one in his shop.
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the most exquisite. from the city of palmyra, taken over by islamic state of iraq and the levant. >> they do the special art fabric. >> even here with the recent tension in jerusalem, business is bad. >> we, jerusalem, knock comes here. >> that he may return to syria one day to continue buying the fabrics that have been his family's business for decades. stefanie dekker, al jazeera, east jerusalem. >> pope francis is forming a
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tribunal, phil silviano has become a campaigner. his story within his own words. >> knowing the kind of things he did here, taking a lot of chances getting caught, having sex at the altar which is very sacreligious. just i just thought or the should you he would be caught. in december of 1992, i was just blown away for a number of reasons. i guess mostly, the nearly, what, 28 years later he was still out there, and now ten years after i knew him, he had molested all these kids in new mexico and then gone to texas after that, and then was in denver, colorado. i use the term institutionalize
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ed abuse because it was kept within the organization, the secrets were kept within the organization. he's certainly saying a lot of very important things. talks about zero tolerance, talks about accountability. but just because you have a tribunal in theory, doesn't mean it's actually running and effective and putting a top to things. because we don't know how the tribunal is going to work. we don't know under what circumstances would a bishop be brought before a tribunal, diocese priest reports him? if someone who is accused of molesting children comes before the tribunal, they go back five years, ten years, a lot of bishops are culpable.
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they know who the problem people are. and seems to me the way to show you're really serious to clean this up is to just lay it all out. >> you can get more on that story as well as all the odors we've been telling you about, if you head over to our website, >> this is "techknow". a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wildfire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity, but we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science... >> oh! >> oh my god! >> by scientists. tonight: techknow's journey to the arctic. 13 days... subfreezing temperatures... endless sun. >> it is passed midnight right now and the sun just is not gonna set.


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